Saturday, February 16, 2008

$2,750 raised by the boys for Children's Hospital LA

a family affair
I like how Martin looking round brings our supporters into the shot

Jason, Sanjay & Martin

our motto


Children's Hospital:
caring for the most critically ill children
and comforting families during a time of crisis
for years to come

Today, Jason, Martin and Sanjay participated in the 3rd annual Kids on the Run event at the Rose Bowl Pasadena raising funds for the Division of Emergency Medicine at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. Check out to learn more.

Reuben received exceptional life-saving medical attention at this ER before his 3 month re-admission to Children's with pneumonia and we owe so much to them. We'd like to especially thank Martin and Sanjay for joining Jason for this wonderful cause. Between them, they raised a whopping $2,500! Thank you too to all the sponsors for today's event and for everyone who turned up to support the boys today.

Glad to see Vivian, Peter and Angela at the start line. Vivian's cousin Summer ran today in Memory of Carlos and beautiful little Angela got to sit in the Children's Hospital helicopter. We later stood by to watch the helicopter take off and it was a classic moment watching the spinning blades force Reuben and baby Ryan's hairs up on end.

I think after seeing Martin and Sanjay's performances on the track, the message to Jason is, it's time to get fit!

sleeping hands as the sun goes down

After a cold start to the day, we made the most of being in Pasadena and the reappearance of the sun by visiting the Huntington Botanical Gardens in the afternoon, soaking up the opening day of the Chinese Garden.

It was exquisite sipping jasmine tea surrounded by cherry blossom with a sylvan backdrop of sheltering woods and the San Gabriel Mts.

Cherry Blossoms frame the Jade Ribbon Bridge, Yu Dai Qiao

Cobbles on the Isle of Alighting Geese, Luo Yan Zhou

Wall of the Colourful Clouds, Jing Yun Bi


Kristi said...
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ellen charge said...


Eva Nichole said...

That is great we do the walk/run for the children's hospital Eva goes to also. I hope it all goes well and you have nice weather.
Crystal and Eva

ellen charge said...

love the pics

Eva Nichole said...

Beautiful pics as always!! I am getting a new camera soon and I can not wait to start taking some wonderful pictures!!
Also great job on the money raised that is awsome!!
Crystal and Eva

Kristi said...

Wow... what amazing photos and congratulations for raising so much for such a great cause.
Even with all that you have on your own plates, the fact that you give your time to others in this way is inspiring and clearly a testament to the kind of people you are.