Thursday, February 21, 2008

Perfect day with Jennifer Wolf

Click the above link. I've spent the entire morning and afternoon with my budding photographer friend Jennifer in an impromptu photo shoot (she didn't even have her camera with her so used mine to such great effect!) and later the evening and night as editor on today's photo shoot. Thanks so much for taking such beautiful shots with my Leica, for your wonderfully inspiring touches, for your friendship, for bringing so many creative ideas of your own, and some I've had nagging away in my head for too long, to life! Cool to be on the other side of the lens. Love em! Ironically, Jennifer hasn't yet seen them as they went straight from camera to my pc and then I went down the route of having a field day with them! Jennifer, be proud!

It's been a long week. Reu's had a really bad cough which is painful to listen to. I imagine the red raw throat and give him a hot lemon and honey drink except it doesn't contain honey nor is it hot. So sore when you can only swallow a little. And the hearing aid is defunct and has been sent off for a couple of weeks, which made me feel quite lost and which only serves to highlight the importance of signing.


skeybunny said...

Catherine, you take beautiful pics too--but I think these two shots are amazing! I know what I'm going to do when I get home tonight...

Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan

Kristi said...

Once again... amazing photos... LOVE Reuben's expressions in them. Bubbles are a favorite of Gracie's, too!
Her hearing aid is not working either and has been sent off for a repair estimate. What a strange coincidence. I think yours should still be under warranty... so that's a good thing!
Hugs to you all... and especially to Master Reuben, whom I hope is rid of that nasty cough soon!


Candi said...

I hope Reu feels better soon! I am right there with you this week. Luke has been coughing a lot the last few days - that yucky hacking cough that suctioning only makes worse because there is nothing suck out. Hearing it affects me like crying might to other mothers, probably because it worries me so much since there is nothing I can do and it often leads to throwing up.

On a happier note - the pics are gorgeous! I especially love the top one. The ones you took a few days ago of the Chinese garden are fabulous as well!

Take care!

ellen charge said...

they are so perfect i was looking at ur other albums hes such a sweet little fighter love u

Mary said...

Great photos! Reuben is very comfortable around a camera. The bubbles are super - I love them!

Eva Nichole said...

As always beautiful pictures BUT its easy when you have a beautiful subject!!
Crystal and Eva

hannah m said...

Wow. Those photos so beautifully capture the love between you two. Just lovely in every way!

Lorna said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful boy!
Hope Reu is feeling better soon..

Lorna & Katie