Tuesday, March 11, 2008

He signed Daddy???

Some amazing leaps forward from nowhere this week and I'm not quite sure whether we're being deluded. We're almost sure he signs bath when he's in the bath, it's very consistent. And I have a quite hilarious thing going on a la Amy Whinehouse when I say No, No, No to Reu and he shakes his head. And now tonight! Apparently Jason and Reu have been perfecting this routine of late but this is the first time he's used his thumb. Is this possible at 10 months??? If so, it has a huge amount to do with everyone who's been working with us of late, Christine his nurse who gives above and beyond and my sister Geraldine who spent so much time with Reu over the last week, suctioning and all!


Mrs. Donaghy, I Presume... said...

That is soooooo great...as Jason would tease, like sooo totally awesome, for sure! This is by far my most favorite clip. Keep 'em coming!!

ypersico said...

oh yes oh yes! Reuben is definitely deliberate - and expressive language has made its emergence known! Hurrah! And to hear the lightness and cheecky joy in Jason's voice and the music in your is enough to make me cry. Hurrah! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful moment - brings back to me so many of Keith's......love to you all- yuka

ellen charge said...

how great xxxxxx

Lisa W. said...

Okay that was DEFINITELY "Daddy" with purpose! Time to start working on Mom now!

Ericap said...

dleyericapYes, I am with Yuka, thank you so much for sharing an amazing moment with us! So amazingly inspiring and emotional to watch, it looked so clear and deliberate to me! Such a huge door has now been opened to all three of you, for expression of thoughts, feelings and needs between you all. I am thrilled and so excited for you all. Keep on bringing on the video clips.
With love

etel said...

Sweet Rueben,

Thank you for sending me the video of your first singing! I am so proud of you. I am sure your daddy was so excited. I almost cried when I saw you signing! I am sure that now, when you showed mommy how you sign, she will keep signing with you (isn’t she an amazing mom?).

Kisses and love,

Happy Signing!


Etel Leit, MS
Founder/ Owner

Eva Nichole said...

That is so wonderful!! That is how Eva started and as long as everything he does you give a name to it will teach him more and more. Yes he did the sign now when he does it you need to make sure he knows that is for daddy, point at daddy or show him a picture of daddy. Keep it up Reuben you are doing great!!
Crystal and Eva

MK said...

That is really amazing, what a bright young boy he is!! Thanks for the recent comments on Lucas's blog, great to hear from you all again. I can't believe that they are almost one year old in several weeks. Seems like it has yesterday that we found your blog and the comfort it brought knowing we were not alone in the CHARGE journey. What awesome gifts we have in our boys!!!

hannah m said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!

Kristi said...

YES!!!! That's Daddy for sure!
And I cried and clapped with joy as I watched!
How wonderfully exciting for all three of you! Remember our phone conversation about this very subject?! That wasn't even two weeks ago... and now look at what he's doing?! :)
Woo Hoo!!!!
So thrilling... so proud of Reuben and so proud of you and Jason. Isn't it miraculous what can be accomplished with the combination of the "Amazing Reuben" and a ton of love, persistence and consistency from his parents!?


Candi said...

How beautiful!!! As usual - I am so impressed!!! It makes me realize how much more we need to be signing to Luke. I want to follow your example and take a class too. How has yours been going?

It was so nice that your sister visited and that you all got away for a bit. I can't wait until summer to go to the gulf coast with the boys. Sam and Gus are going for a few days with Nonna this week - Spring break.

I want to get your opinion about hearing aid stuff, so I will email soon.

Take care!