Monday, March 3, 2008

The Joshua Tree

Bullet the blue sky

She moves in mysterious ways

I still haven't found what I'm looking for

How fitting. Reuben's first holiday should be my favourite music album. Conceived at this very place and the soundtrack to our trip. My sister Geraldine, over from the UK for a week, joined us for a stay in La Quinta and a drive through desert landscape, awash with the signs of recent rains and springtime. So accustomed on these trips to the sight of parched soil, strong yellow hues, a barren bleached landscape, "the sun so high it leaves no shadow", we found it to be flush with wildflowers and a thin sprinkle of green in parts which will be long gone by the time spring truly settles in, every creature scurrying from the earth to ravage the bounties of winter storms. Reuben looks out through the window as the joshua trees pass him.

In God's country


ellen charge said...

wat a lovely boy he is

Amélie Mia Chan said...

fab pictures Catherine and so creative. Loved the valentine outfit and the British in you popping out in Reubens jacket!!

Swallow study pass is great news for you no doubt you will be cracking on with the food knowing he is safe to swallow...brill news

Eva Nichole said...

Beautiful pictures!! Glad you got to get away for awhile.
Crystal and Eva

Geraldine said...

Hey Cate. This trip seems like a lifetime ago now. Time goes past so quickly, you can hardly catch your breath. What a wonderful time we all had together.

Back to rain, gale force winds and grey skies. Couldn't be more different to the beautiful desert.