Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Amazing leap in signing

Of Reu's 15 signs, here he is signing:
BABY, DOG, MAMA, (DADDY being substituted with groin grabbing) DIAPER, (understanding FEET), MILK, BOOK, CAT, SLEEP, CAR, STRETCH.

He learnt 3 new signs on Saturday afternoon alone - CAR, BOOK, CAT, despite being ill and on antibiotics for trachyitus. A lovely present for his daddy's 40th! Some of the signs are so beautifully executed (MILK) that they're easy for anyone to decipher. BOOK has just got better and better since the weekend despite it being a tricky sign to learn.

Another beautiful thing: when I ask Reuben to Kiss Mama, he'll pull my face towards his over and over. It's a gorgeous thing. I can't believe this signing explosion by Reuben. He gets it and he loves it. I think it's truly amazing that at 13 months he can have so many signs under his belt and the speed at which he learns new signs is phenomenal. The sweetest irony is when I play back the video clips of Reuben signing and out of the corner of my eye, see Reuben listening to the quiet tones emanating from my camera and duly signing back. The eye tubes/grommits have made a wonderful difference to his hearing, with or without his aid. His babbling is coming on great too. Once we start using the Passy Muir valve over his trach which directs air and thus sound up through his mouth, those babbles may materialise into early vocabulary.

The World is truly his oyster.

Curb my enthusiasm. I love teaching him ASL signs.


Eva Nichole said...

WOW that is just amazing great job Reuben and mommy!!
Crystal and Eva

Laura said...

Hi Catherine and Reuben,
I was a member of MDM07 and i have been following your blog since Reuben was born,can i just say how amazing that video was to watch,what a clever,gorgeous,happy little man you have!

Well done Reuben,you are a star!

Laura & Jamie (Rose83)

ellen charge said...

wow how wonderful he looking bigger to love you all

ypersico said...

BRILLIANT!!!!!! ~ ALL of you! Hurrah!

Jennifer said...

Jaxon and I just watched Reuben's signing... AWESOME! As soon as the video ended, Jaxon said "More!" Can't wait to come play again soon. xoxo

Mighty Max! said...

Truly that is amazing, seriously. WOW! I am absolutely astounded my friend. Congratulations to you all! WOW! WOW! WOW!

Kristi said...

AMAZING! What a smart little guy!
So exciting :-)


Geraldine said...

OH MY GOD! I can't believe the change in him since Scotland. He's so smart, his cognitive skills are great as he's understanding the sounds and what is required of him to understand and then to sign it, all very quickly. Very well done all of you, it's fantastic!