Thursday, July 3, 2008

The first time ever I saw your face (Part II)

the first time, ever I saw your face...
our little baby, due November 17, stretching and yawning inside

Family resemblance... here's Reuben

Jason couldn't be at the anatomy scan today, a full hour of checking the heart and other organs as we juggled 3 hospital appointments for Reu (pulmonary, general paeds, endocrinology), with my scan. But can I see the ears please? Everything looked just fine pending a fetal echocardiogram next week.

I lay there with my hands behind my head and saw Buttercup doing the same, uncanny, the symbiotic movements on screen with those of the kicks and flutters inside.

I think this little clip is simply delightful. The baby yawning (look for the black blob, the mouth, that opens up bottom left of the screen).


ellen charge said...

hoping that this baby is a nice healthy one and is a good sibling for reu

Jennifer said...

That baby yawning video is so beautiful and you described it perfectly... Can't wait for Reuben to become a big brother!

xoxo Jennifer & Jaxon

Eva Nichole said...

That is a wonderful video!! Thank you for sharing it!! I can not wait to see Reuben with his new baby!!
Crystal and Eva