Saturday, July 12, 2008

12 July 07

Some days just stick in your memory. 12 July marks the date when we rushed Reuben to Children's after a very sick night, the pneumonia escalating so fast, safely shepherded by guardian angels on the freeway and arriving at ER for Reuben to be intubated almost immediately. We know the series of events that unfolded that morning saved his life.

I reprimanded myself on many occasions about how the humidifier on the oxygen tank we were using at home when moved on wheels caused water to shoot back through the canula into his nose and thus into his lungs and how then that pneumonia lead to intubation lead to heart cathetarisation surgery lead to throat surgery lead to open heart surgery being brought forward lead to another throat surgery lead to tracheostomy from upper airway obstruction from prolonged intubation. The irony of reading back journal entries, you'll be home in a few days turning into 3 months and 5 surgeries.

More poignantly, it was also the day that Angel Carlos was moved into the PICU following an infection from a heart cathetarisation. Both boys in adjacent rooms separated by a glass wall, both mums progressively exchanging waves to handshakes to hugs to tears.

Our thoughts are very much with the Solodkin family today, nay they remain always in our thoughts. Their bravery throughout those months we spent together will continue to inspire us and the sweet face of little baby Carlos with the fountain of dark, shiny hair and glistening eyes is forever imprinted in our minds. Today I ask for your thoughts and prayers for the Solodkin family, Vivian, Peter and Angela as they look back on 12 July last year and the memories and events that began that day and over the precious 4 months they spent with Carlos in the PICU.


ellen charge said...

wow a year has past look how far u all have come

Geraldine said...

Oh Cate, what a day! So sorry to hear of Reuben's rush to hospital and how frightening it was for you all.
It's like history repeating itself, thank God the medical staff were so vigilant and able to treat him immediately, and that you had no delays on the journey.

Lori Pullen said...

I see my little Reu is coming along great with his signing and he is gettin so big and grown up. I hope that all is well with you and the pregnancy, I see how far advanced sonograms are these days, you can see movement and everything so clearly. I still think it is a girl and should be named after Auntie Lori. Give all a kiss for me and tell the little Buttercup that Auntie Lori is looking forward to "her" Birth.
Auntie Lori