Tuesday, July 22, 2008

30 signs

Apologies in advance for my annoying voiceover, but the pitch seems to do the trick with Reu.

Book - Diaper - Cat - Dog - Milk - Clap hands - Car - More - All Done - Thank you - Baby - Teddy bear - Pajamas - Lion - Wash hands - Hat - Ball - Play - Train - Knees - Bye bye - Daddy - Mama - Head (or is it Bed) - Wink! (missing Nurse, Stretch, Feet, Shoes, Socks, Bath which he only uses in the bath)

I'm thinking about the story behind each of the signs, the day, the location, the context. Lovely memories.


ellen charge said...

ah watching them hes grown great signing progress xxxxxxx

MK said...

that really is truely amazing that he can do all those signs already, you guys are doing a fabulous job teaching him so much!!!

hannah m said...

This is so inspiring! Way to go, Reuben!

Do you have a favorite signing DVD to watch with Reuben? We just discovered that watching DVDs on the laptop with my Vivian helps her to tolerate tummy time, but practicing signs would make good use of that time! I got a Baby Einstein First Signs DVD from Netflix - it's OK, but would love a recommendation if you have one!

Geraldine said...

Such a joy to watch him signing
so quickly and he loves the interaction and communication.
He's responding really quickly to your voice. ALl that hard work is really paying off, he's doing great.