Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When signing hands must sleep

Aware that no sounds of rolly pollies were emanating from the playroom, nor the thrills and saccharin melodies from the primary-coloured toys, I go in search of my little boy and find him fast asleep on the alphabet mat, exhausted after a morning of signing, swallowing and therapy. A soft breeze is floating in through the three windows, causing the cream-coloured blinds to sway in and out, and has left his little hairs standing to attention like marching soldiers. I take the softest blanket from the chair beside him and cover him and he sleeps through, blissfully.


ellen charge said...

i jsut adore those pics hes a sweety have u meet u all one day

Mary said...

So precious!


skeybunny said...

OK--so who "won" the 50,000 visitor contest? When I checked last night, it was around 49,500 and now its 50,150! That's an impressive amount of traffic Catherine. It's too bad blogger won't let you sell ad space :)

Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan