Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All ok after earthquake, surgery tomorrow

We were at Children's for Reuben's preop re his surgeries tomorrow (hernia, undescended testes, another ear, nose and throat scope to assess why the speaking valve is causing trouble, perhaps a worse obstruction than expected when he exhales, and to replace ear tubes) and when the earthquake hit, I was at first a little confused what was happening but when it turned into a shaker, I grabbed Reuben from Kristina and dived under the doorway, that being more structurally sound). It was certainly a roller. Thanks for the messages of concern. As many of our friends and family know, we tend to encourage natural disasers (Northridge earthquake 94, hurricanes Wilma, Ria, Katrina etc). That's what you get when you both study geography at uni.

A nurse was telling me how she was teaching suctioning when the quake struck and the mum went running from the bedside leaving the nurse to look after the baby. "Eh'', said the nurse, "I could do with a little help with your baby back here." Maternal instincts?

Visited Dylan after the Code Orange subsided and it was safe to move around again. It's so very sad to see him so sedated, so wired up, and intubated as his family play the waiting game of recovery with the prospect of the colostomy bag having to go back in again looming over them. My heart weeps for what they're going through.

Please keep our boys in your prayers.


hannah m said...

Dylan and your Sweet Reuben are in my thoughts and prayers. Truly.

MK said...

so glad you all are ok, saying prayers for Reu's speedy and successful sugery...

ellen charge said...

hope everything goes well love u xxxxx

Lori Pullen said...

I hope all goes well with Reu's surgery and he continues to thrive and grow up. I'm glad all is well after the quake and hope not to many people were harmed in the process. Give my best to Reu and kiss him for his Auntie Lori before surgery. Give little buttercup Aka Lori a little pat on the head for me too. Love to you all,
Auntie Lori

Geraldine said...

Hope everything runs smoothly for Reuben's surgery tomorrow.

Hope you're all ok.
Love Geraldine and Mark xxx