Friday, July 25, 2008

Learning to crawl

From rolly pollies first learnt in May, to prone position to bear crawl to knee crawl position, to propelling forward, nurse Kristina (she's taught him to sign nurse) and I can barely contain our excitement! It's taken so many months of physical therapy to get to this stage, learning coordination, learning to transition between positions, building his upper body muscle strength, working against gravity, encouraging him to activate his muscles, building his confidence, but it's a huge milestone achieved today and he's loving it!


Kristina said...

This is the most brilliant, brightest, perfect baby I have ever seen-- with or WITHOUT any "syndrome." For the rest of my life, I will never forget this moment and everything else we did today. It was as though EVERYTHING "clicked" all of a sudden with him today.

The world is his oyster thanks to the parents who've enthusiastically supported him long before he was even conceived.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your family. I LOVE spending my days with you all and I can't wait until Monday when we get to continue from where we left off!

Mary said...

Reuben, you (Mommy and Daddy too) are doing great! Thanks for the video.

hannah m said...

Go, Reuben, go!

Vivian and I are cheering for you! What an exciting milestone! This calls for celebration, for sure!

ellen charge said...

wow wow and wow hes getting so must bigger i gointo ur archives and i think how far youve all coem and i love u all isnt it nearly a year since his magical heart op

MK said...

truly uplifted and encouraged us. He is progressing so well. Ya'll are a wonderful family. We think lucas is just days away from crawling as well. maybe shortly we will have video as well. Rue is beautiful.

Eva Nichole said...

Wonderful job Reuben!! You have such wonderful cheerleaders no wonder you want to work so hard for them.
Crystal and Eva