Monday, August 4, 2008

My bedroom

First sleep in my own first bedroom

My little clothes

Teddys await my arrival.
Gifts from the Swanns, Anne, Nana & Grandad and Sarah

With mummy or daddy's weekend bed beside me


After my baths

My bathroom

My gift at birth from Mummy's best friend, Erica
Daddy never forgets the details now

Pictures in the gallery that leads to my room

Friends of mine will know how long I've waited to create a nursery for my baby. Here's Reuben's new bedroom (that is, before the onslaught of medical apparatus, for artistic purposes). I'm a modernist-minimalist and so the palette is very neutral and thus in stark contrast to the explosion of colour I've used in the playroom. In both rooms, I hope friends and family will recognise some of the beautiful gifts that have been given to Reuben since birth. Starting with a blank canvas, they indeed were the inspiration for each of the room's themes. A bed to match Reuben's crib design sits in the corner and is used by Jason or I at the weekends when we choose not to have a night nurse. With the pulsox monitor on, we are able to get a good sleep beside him. Baby Buttercup will sleep in with us for the first 6-12 months before joining Reuben in his bedroom. I like the thought of the babies sleeping side by side.

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ellen charge said...

the pics r great but now hes a big boy with a gorgous face i love the pictures that u write to xxxxxxxxx