Monday, August 4, 2008

My playroom

I love the sheer abandonment of the above shot

the alphabet mat (which I keep extending) makes for a softer fall and on Lorna's advice, now spells Reuben Jack

Against the mass of primary colours in the playroom, one wall will be dedicated to this huge Two giraffe heads framed shot, along with smaller black and white animal shots on the adjacent wall of Lion, Zebra, Elephant, all of which Reuben can sign (although elephant looks remarkably like thank you!). The African theme is a reference to our honeymoon in Tanzania where the shots were taken

little red riding horse, that's actually a reindeer

I really love my books!

elephant playing peek-a-boo. Mama and Daddy got these little red cupboards up for me to practice Open & Close, I'm actually pretty good on that front

some of my lovely presents

my beautiful baptism gifts

I love ducks but have been refusing to sign them!

Americans like lots of bathrooms, as does mama, and this is where I have my bath, just off the playroom


ellen charge said...

lovelove who wouldtn

Kristi said...

Can we come and play?! Looks super fun to me!
Your home is beautiful... and so clean and tidy. You are a minimalist... I am not! :-) My house just might make you crazy!
Love all the photos... it's like a window into your days playing with, loving and teaching Reuben.

Eva Nichole said...

WOW very nice!! Now can you come do Eva's room!! LOL!
Crystal and Eva

Geraldine said...

Your new house is beautiful. You look like you've got loads of room for Reuben's things and you can keep it all tidy!

Lovely place, you must be relieved to finally be in your new home.

GLad the surgery was a success, even though the 12 hours wait was horrendous.

Are you on the phone yet?


hannah m said...

Beautiful room - gorgeous light and meaningful touches make it so inviting!

I spy some of the same furniture and toys that Vivian loves (she was just given that red piano for her birthday by her piano-playing Granny!).

Are you happy with the alphabet mat? I've contemplated getting some of those as Viv's getting more mobile - or should I just get another carpet?