Thursday, July 24, 2008

Prayers for Dylan and Moriah

Dylan had emergency surgery today (he's now intubated after he stopped breathing) following a burst of his intestine at home after the colostomy reversal. I visited them in the PICU, there in the bed next to where Reuben spent some of his 3 PICU months. It was sad to see them in there for the first time (formerly they spent 6 months in the NICU), but I'm only glad I could be with her today as we were in for pre-ops for urology and pulmonary. Am due back in hospital Tuesday for pre-op and Thursday for surgery (not sure if in or outpatient, depends on what they find) so I'll be overlapping with her a bit and once again we can help each other through. That little boy was not complaining, it's hard to imagine, whilst a great big mess was exploding inside. I introduced Cassandra to the familiar faces. She's preparing herself for the long haul.

Moriah - is home from the NICU awaiting decisions regarding her 2nd heart bypass. The sweet love just turned 6 months.
- - -

Dylan (29wk premie) taken into ER surgery following discharge after his colonostomy reversal. Moriah (charge) awaiting news of heart surgery. I'm hospital today re Reuben's urology pre-op so will post news later.


hannah m said...

All my prayers and good thoughts are being sent for Dylan, Moriah and Reuben.

ellen charge said...

wow mega hugs to all i allways think of all ur little firends and you do know what i request form u next week right updates and updates bout reus surgeries