Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beautiful mamas

Beautiful mamas
Beautiful faces
Friends I have made
In far flung places

Eloquent writers
Creative passions
You capture your children
With love and compassion

Names I have etched
In my daily thoughts
Head, full of ideas
Of things you have taught

Continue to inspire
Continue to teach
Of the love of motherhood
Of the goals we can reach

Days when I wake up
Think, How can I cope?
Yet you fill me with promise
You fill me with hope

It’s hard to imagine
How far we’ve all come
We've come through together
To accept, not succumb

- I had these words dancing round my head whilst in hospital and wanted to get them down, so comforting are your thoughts and words in difficult times. Cx


hannah m said...

Lovely words - you really have a way with them.

Over and over I find myself being so thankful that I live in the age of the internet - to be going through this in a time when a few clicks can link me to mamas who get it, who know. So much comfort in that connection.

ellen charge said...

ahhhhhhh from u more lovliey

skeybunny said...

That is a beautiful poem--thank you for writing it. Reuben sure looked like he was in 7th Heaven with that chiropractor.

Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan

Eva Nichole said...

I love it!! You are so sweet and so creative.
Crystal and Eva