Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sunday afternoon, fresh air

Sandy feet

Sandals on Mother's Beach, with thanks to the Solodkins

"How much, Daddy?"

Swinging shadows, Mother's Beach


hannah m said...

These are some of my favorite photos of yours, ever. The one with Reuben in your husband's lap captures him as such a big boy - how he's blossoming in front of our very eyes. Beautiful.

Kristi said...

As always, love the photos.
I've said it before... I want to hire you to take pics of my family. You have such an eye... wonderful ideas. You could make a fortune! (and then you wouldn't need to worry about tenants in London!) :-)
Love seeing Reuben "out and about" with you... such a change from last week... and what a joy that is!

ellen charge said...

so cute hes got so much hair now its so cool