Monday, August 18, 2008

The best laid plans

It's wonderfully reassuring and a huge relief to have Lisa, Jason's sister and future Godmother to Buttercup, booked and ready to come over in November for 2 weeks before and after the birth. Things are falling into place. We have the day and night nurses well trained and comfortable in their roles (Kristina has taken it upon herself to learn the whole ASL alphabet and 64 signs so she can keep up with Reuben, a huge gesture of support and commitment). We'll need to decide if Jason will stay home with Reuben and Barbara (night nurse) or be in the hospital for the 5 days with me post c-section recovery. I think he's anxious to be with Reuben in case of an emergency and I guess torn where he should spend the night. So Lisa, if you're reading, maybe you'll be the one helping me through feeds, nappy changes and loo trips in the wee small hours instead!


ellen charge said...

wow its all sounds great ad itll come so quick i no cant wait for pics of everything

auntie lisa said...

Hi there, yes im reading !!, will be ready to help with bonny reu or bonny buttercup, im sure it will all fit in to place, and we will all have some very special moments together, which we will never forget,, it really is just round the corner, so exciting , love to all , xx