Friday, August 15, 2008

Reuben signs "I love Mama"

... and has a wonderful vocabulary of 50 signs now. This is his first mini sentences and is lovely given he took so many more months to learn Mama than Daddy.

I love it when he picks up or looks at a teddy, doggy, ball or book and signs those words and when I shake pajamas in front of him, he'll sign 'jamas. Not only does he respond to the words with signs (receptive), but he is now actively using his vocabulary to communicate (expressive). That's a huge communication leap. I love his signs for Monkey and Zebra but given his daddy acts like a monkey with him for a solid hour of testosterone fueled fun when he gets home every night from work, and the two of them discover energy together from I don't know where, he's been well trained.

I want to make a little book now of his first 50 signs as I think it's a great keepsake of a wonderful milestone so longed for to be reached. Thanks Ellen! Yep, I'll try to capture on video too.


Mary said...

So exciting!

ellen charge said...

can u make a vid of thei love mama pls and i want soem reu pics on facebook

Amélie said...

Catherine I will always hang on to hope... in that the nerves may be found one day. We have accepted the news based on the MRI image but even the CT was 98% certain, and the MRI 100% according to the Manchester cochlear implant team. I dont think they are there she has no oral communication or sounds and in a house full of sibling she would have picked something up by now. I think Amélie is using her vision to the max and thank god we have some!

Amélie said...

great progress with sign for Reuben, it is so remarkable how our children find ways in which to adapt and communicate, we are just at the beginning but feeling very optimistic for the future now we are starting to see some signing from Amélie. I always said I have deducted 18 months off her age for the time in hospital when she was not in the mood to learn.

Lisa W. said...

Yay for signing Reuben - I'm with Ellen, can't wait to see a video.

hannah m said...

Yay, Reuben! What a wonderful, beautiful milestone. Catherine, your heart must be soaring!

Kristi said...

That is so wonderful, exciting, fabulous and brilliant and a million other things that I can't think of right now!!!
It's just AWESOME... and to think of where you all were just a year ago... and now WOW WOW WOW!!! And... what a BEAUTIFUL "utterance" to start out with! "I love Mama" couldn't be a better thing for Reu to sign!
Catherine, do you realize that Reuben is ahead of many TYPICALLY developing 15 month olds in this area?! HOW COOL IS THAT?! (Not that we compare or anything... BUT how can you help but compare on this one?! :-))
I am thinking that his hearing (despite the tests) is likely far better than the booth results indicate. There are so many subtle ways that our kiddos respond to sound that most audiologists are not as experienced with because they so rarely deal with a dual sensory loss. Time will tell, but I think that the expressive vocabulary he already has indicates that he is hearing speech fairly well!
I am so completely thrilled for him (and you!) and I can't wait to get our kiddos together to sign up a STORM!
Go Reuben, Go Mama! :-)

Geraldine said...

Where's the video?

Geraldine said...

I would love to see Reuben signing this and it's great to read the post that he's ahead of typically developing 15 month olds. I tell people over here and they don't really take it in (think they're jealous actually).

Fantastic news!

MK said...

that is absolutely fabulous!! how awesome to know his thoughts. Also great to see his weight gain on the growth chart. Lucas has slowed down as of late. Please tell me what his feed schedule is these days and what you have changed too. Luv much, hugs and kisses from the weindorfs!!

Kristina said...

Let us not forget, he ALSO signed "love nurse!!"

But, yes, you are absolutely right. The very first person he said he loved was his Mama, rightly so, considering that you are his best friend and biggest supporter during the day! His very first full sentence was a perfect "I LOVE MAMA."

It was watching him sign that and signing that he loved me as well that kept me on a high all weekened. After all, how could you not feel 'over the moon' having a baby tell you that he loves you!

I don't care what "syndrome" the doctor's say he has. Even with being in the hospital for five months and diagnosed with a syndrome, this little one is still ahead of his peers in so many ways! This child DOES have a gift and it's so strong, it's evident even now as an infant. Reuben is destined for something great and with you and Jason (and I like to think I can help a little, too), there's nothing stopping him from achieving anything!