Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catching up on some good stuff

Gross motor: Standing up in crib

Reuben standing up in crib in 5 seconds (as a result of this, we lowered the mattress last night!). This was him yesterday morning. He is finally over throwing up and well in himself. Reu's a devil of a boy; you turn your back for 5 seconds, hear a big laugh, look around and there he is standing and doing dancing baby. So this morning, after a couple of frustrated attempts last night at standing with the now oh so high rim, I see that overnight he's learnt to stand up in the lowered crib. Now that really did deserve some cheerleading this morning from Jason, Kristina and I, welcomed by a huge smile and laugh from Reuben. Pure magic! I just need the Part II video now.

Fine motor & cognitive skills: stacking rings

A wonderful skill for Reuben to have mastered this summer given he wore hand restraints during 5 months of intubation on the ventilator to stop him pulling out the tube. His hands are his absolute Godsend, his gateway to communication and development. Perhaps that's why they continue to be such a focal point for me when I photograph him.

My new chiropractor Dr Charley, he who is blessed with magic hands, and is a specialist in paediatric and pregnancy chirocare, is going to start treating Reuben for his congenital torticollis (tilt of the head) although we've been working on it solidly since birth ourselves with the help of PT.

Communication: Signing I love mama (to follow)


Eva Nichole said...

Great job Reuben!!! I guess its time to lower the crib mattress.
Keep up the great work.
Crystal and Eva

hannah m said...

Seeing these videos of your Reuben in action made my day! What a complete sweetheart he is. I think he and Vivian would just adore each other - I hope they'll meet one day.

Kristi said...

At this rate, you may have to lower the mattress again, soon!
So great to see him in action... and, as always, I marvel at his accomplishments.
Love seeing this kind of post and so happy that he is better and home! :-)

ellen charge said...

ahhhh great vidios such a sweety