Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Afternoon nap, mama's lap

Click here or the photos above for ''Afternoon nap, mama's lap slideshow''


A 24 minute nap on my lap in the playroom. How quickly the late afternoon sun danced across his face, how he fell asleep, how he signed in his sleep, how he awoke and looked up at me and I reassured him, "Mama's here", how he yawned and rubbed his eyes from slumber and of my hair which had fallen on his eyes, tickling them, and how his hands began to play again in sign.

In the midst of everything that hurts us all at present, it was a most beautiful and tender time that we shared today, the opportunity for which I am so very blessed and grateful.


ellen charge said...

greatpics so perfect as allwasy

Mary said...

The pictures are wonderful! Reuben is beautiful! I am surprised that you have "lap" enough to hold him.


Eva Nichole said...

Beautiful as always!!
Crystal and Eva

MK said...

very precious moments, such a sweet boy. thanks again for the preious moment you gave us with the song sung for Lucas!! Such moments will last a lifetime and your kindness and support during our time of need will never be forgotten... ...

hannah m said...

I adore that yawning photo of Reuben - perfect!

Kristi said...

Gorgeous photos... as always!
I am with Hannah - - LOVE the shot of Reu yawning! :-)
It defines the moments of that afternoon!

Lisa W. said...

The yawn is adorable!

Geraldine said...

Beautiful boy! You always capture him so well, his little personality and sweet nature coming through in these photos, even in sleep!