Thursday, October 2, 2008

In loving memory of Lucas Fillmore Weindorf

The funeral was broadcast online and we were so privileged to have thus attended it, sitting in the pews beside them and enjoying the celebration of Angel Lucas' sweet life.

Born May 10, 2007

In loving memory of our dear friends' son, Lucas Fillmore Weindorf, who died on October 2 2008..

We are so utterly heartbroken for their loss and life's great loss. Lucas continued to inspire us in his short life. I always looked up to his antics and outgoings, wishing the same for Reuben. Gorgeous patty cake boy. I can watch that over and over. Yet no words can convey now how we feel. I can only speak through a priest's words and how I felt a moment of peace in these hardest of weeks for them but a few days ago. It is of a vision of Lucas dancing with the angels, the sheer joy and excitement on his most beautiful face as he plays in utter wonderment. Let them feel peace in their hearts with that vision of joy. They ached for him to grow to be a man, yet through all his life's experiences, he became that man. He fulfilled exactly what God had intended for him, a full life of such intense family love that overwhelms me, and breaks my heart to think of.


mog-aj said...

Catherine, I cannot express how sad we feel to see this post, I have been watching the blog to see how things were going. We send our heartfelt condolences to the family.
S,S and A x

Jojo61 said...

Hi Catherine, having only been made aware recently of Lucas' journey to read this completely breaks my heart - I've posted to his site but not sure if it's worker (I will check later). I can not imagine the pain and suffering his family are going through right now - my thoughts are with them now and always.
Joanne and James x

Anonymous said...

Dear Catherine,
I am a friend of the Weindorf's and a nurse at Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, AR. Blake and I grew up in a small town in south AR. I felt compelled to write you b/c I have been reading your blogsite about Reuben for the last few hours! Found the link on MK's site. It is amazing and addictive! Just like MK - you inspire me. Catherine - you are such a beautiful person, artist, poet, photographer and mom. I think that Reuben is so precious and very lucky to have you for his mother. I will pray for a healthy delivery in Nov and look forward to getting to know you better. Please email me at if you ever get a chance. I would love to chat with you. Your family (and the Weindorf's) are in my prayers as you face many difficult challenges every day. I have worked at Children's for 24 years and see suffering on a daily basis. My life is always impacted by a precious child or family. I walk away a different person than went I entered those doors. Life is uncertain and I treasure my children's health and never take it for granted. Just wanted to say hi and that YOU are impacting and encouraging people all over the world. Take care of yourself and buttercup... Lucas will never be forgotten.
Very Sincerely,
Ellen Templeton

ellen charge said...
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Lori Pullen said...

So sorry to hear of your little friend Lucas's passing. How sad for one so young to be taken to be with the Angels and God. There is always a reason for these things that we don't always understand. I will keep him and your family in my prayers as I do every night. Reuben is growing into such a big and smart young man. He looks like he should be 3 years old already. I wish I lived closer so that I could give you and him some better comfort than just a blog or ocasional phone call. Please give little Reu a kiss for me and let "The Moose" know that Auntie Lori is waiting for the big arrival day. God bless you and peace be with you at this time in your life.
Love to all,
Auntie Lori