Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Beach

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Today has been wonderful! The last taste of summer. A good creative day for me. Reuben started back at school with Gwen, his early start teacher for the hard of hearing, delighted to have her back with us at home, able to show how he's signing 70 words. I felt so lifted then and wrote The Quickening straight after as the words had been dancing in my head. I'd promised Reu and Kristina we'd have a day out after and Venice Beach beckoned. The wind was light and the heat was moderate so we sat in the shade of the lifeguard station and I took these shots with Reuben lying against Kristina, my hair entangled in the sand. I've put them on Flickr because it's a better medium for how I want to show them. I hope you enjoy them better there although if you click the arrow below it'll still show you a small version without leaving the blog. Click here to see the Slideshow in full view. Back in time for PT at home with Carrie, Reuben smiling and signing away, crawling out of the playroom, having a blissful time...
One of my favourites is the Footprints in the Sand. I love the impermanence of the shot. A moment later, it was gone forever. a little version of The Beach slideshow above

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