Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Quickening

The Quickening
When I first feel you stir inside my womb
A leap of joy that cheers my days in June
Accelerating, dancing, kicking, joy
That seed of joy I felt with our sweet boy.

A butterfly first lands upon my skin
It flutters softly as with your dear kin
As each day comes I cannot shush away
But welcome each new leap of each new day.

And I, expectant, cannot help but feel
When first trimester ails they fade and heal
Surrender to o’er strains upon thy flesh
Oh how our bodies do so conceal then stretch!

Like clouds across a cornfield swiftly race
Like shifting sands in desert’s open space
My pouch it peaks and falls with each new wave
To watch you stir, those moments, how I craved.

Those tiny toes, your sucking thumb, your yawn
And we await the day when you are born
The nested home, the ripened flesh, all’s new
You give our family hope and life anew

Your little legs I see how they are crossed
And thoughts then shoot to Reuben, thoughts embossed
Upon my brain when I did see you Reu
My sleeping child, with legs crossed as with you.

Emotions, understanding, doll in crib
A sock, a shoe, a hat, a comb, a bib
The one-piece so meticulously I fold
Await your imminent arrival and behold.

That thought of chord, and breast and baby feet
The days when flesh on flesh I hope to greet
And so you take possession of your life
And with it, bang goes dreams of LA nightlife!

To Buttercup, with love, Mama

PS. Jason says my poem is long. I say, be patient. So is pregnancy.


Kristina said...

This is definitely my favorite poem so far... Absolutely beautiful. It's just amazing to me how easily these beautiful words come to your mind-- it's a gift, and I definitely think this poem will live on far longer than you or I or even Buttercup's grand-children... this one REALLY is a family treasure.

To be quite honest, this poem seems exactly like one of the poems my high school English teacher would make me dissect line by line and analyzing all those crazy little poetry tricks: meter, rhyme, alliteration, tetrameter, caesura, and everything else I've since forgotten since high school!

Catherine said...

Kristina! I had quite forgotten all those words, iambic pentameter is familiar and that's about it! I guess I should get back to school myself. Thanks... Cx

ellen charge said...

lol kristinas right about disecting them in english i wish i coud of disected ur poems i had stupid stuff ill tell u the last book i read in english class was a book botu the holacourst it was interesting but scary and anyway how can u disect that LOL love u