Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy 39th Birthday Erica

To my best friend Erica, happy happy birthday. Thank you for your amazing support throughout 6 years of infertility and the many challenges we've faced with Reuben's health. You've been such a star and wise old owl. Can you believe we met 20 years ago this October! Now that, rather than your age makes us feel really old!


ellen charge said...

happy bday erica hope its a great one hope reu can send u some kisses over the phone lol love ya all

ericap said...

Thank you Catherine and Ellen, lovely to see a photo of you Ellen after reading so many of your comments on Reubens blog. It is just so great to see Catherine, Jason and Reuben having moved on so far, compared to this time last year. Onwards and upwards....

Love to you both,