Friday, September 12, 2008

Prayers & thoughts for...

Moriah, who undergoes her Nissen Fundoplication surgery today. Victoria & Justin are also preparing themselves for Moriah's second and very complicated open heart surgery on 14 November which Dr Hanley at Stanford is performing so we have two months of prayers to collect for them til then. Moriah is still intubated but her pain is under control. Unfortunately they were unable to do the surgery laparoscopically so she has had a further abdominal incision. We were due to go to the NICU reunion today in Griffith Park followed by a visit to Moriah & family, but unfortunately we've been up with a new cough all night with Reuben, which I know is tame in comparison to our families in CHARGE but we need a little rest and I don't think anyone needs Reu's germs right now.

Update: Moriah is doing great and is scheduled for discharge on Friday!

Lucas, who is having a very tough time after an admission to ACH. He is now being treated for pneumonia. Lucas is now in the PICU with more O2 support to help open his airway and help with his hypertension.

It makes me think how very much we are all riding on the same ocean. It seems when one of our families is basking in some happy, healthy days, riding on the crest of the waves, there will always be a family in our community who is struggling medically, emotionally or financially, struggling to raise their heads above the troughs. It creates symbiosis between our families and such closeness.


Amélie said...

Prayers for all our little firends with Charge, hope Moriah and Lucas overcome this latest health scare.

I think you describe it all so elequently...the crest of waves etc...

How are you catherine? and the pregnancy, not long to go, I hope your back is being kind to you although I know it will not be!!

big hugs to Reuben xx

ellen charge said...

thinmking of them lots to u should of added max to that list to :)

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

it is so true what you said. thank you for the support. it means the world to me. we are all in this together.
have fun at the nicu reunion!

hannah m said...

Well said, Catherine - that connection and unspoken understanding means everything.

Amélie said...

Catherine message back from Crystal

I have it set to invite only so if you send me an email with your email address I can put you on the invite list.

Crystal and Eva

MK said...

thanks so much for all your prayers Lucas is still fighting off this pneumonia and the docs say he will need a few more days of breathing treatments at least and then will still need to get stronger from there. On of the nurse's in the PCIU is from British and his name in Stephen Dodd so I saw his name tag when he came in to help hold Lucas down at one point and I told him about you guys... ...