Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Countdown to delivery


Actual due date is 17 November, but c-section will be on 6 November. This baby is giving me one hellova kicking right now, wakes me up in the night with rascalling, is having a whale of a time swinging on the umbilical chord and is giving me the fetching look of carrying around a watermelon for a belly. I'll have to ask Mighty Max how to sign watermelon as I know he does it so beautifully!

Baby's actual weight: about 8lbs so a little heavier than the 6lbs it's supposed to be!


ellen charge said...

november will b hear befor u no it wow the sixth my auntys the tenth and shes my fave well the one i feel closest to anyway

Lisa W. said...

The time is coming so quickly! I am excited for you guys. My son and his girlfriend are expecting in 20 days...I never expected to be a grandma at 36!

I'll be watching the blog when I can for updates. :)