Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fantastic growth stim results

Jason and Kristina are returning from Children's. Reu's growth stim test, that horror of a 3hrs of IVs and pokes last week to test his levels of growth hormone (GH) after receiving arginine and thus the ability of the pituitary gland to produce GH, came back normal. Normal growth! and that combined with good weight gain is fantastic news! OK so he won't be as tall as 6'4" Uncle Joe and will likely be shorter of stature, but Endocrinology didn't want to see him back til puberty but of course how can we let that lie, so expectant were we of the worst case, that he'll require growth hormones. That was part of the blanket diagnosis of CHARGE in the early days: the won't hear, may not see, may not walk, mental/growth "retardation".

This is another one of the blessings we're counting for Reuben. Those aspects of his physicality that were being ticked off so indescriminantly are now being given a fresh coat of paint, next to which shines a great big star!


MK said...

that's is really fantastic news! I know he looked so big in his pictures lately, such a big boy... ... loved the pumkin patch slideshow as well, looked like a great fun time.

hannah m said...

I love good news! Reuben, you are a star indeed!

Viv sends raspberries; she thinks you're the cutest!

ellen charge said...

yay i love good newsspecialy after the bad news ive seem to of seen on blogs lately