Monday, October 27, 2008


The star pumpkin

Pumpkin button

Straw in shoes

Hands off he's mine

Farmer Reu

The Pumpkin Patch

"Mama's Pumpkins", by Kristina

After the all clear from Cardio and with time on our hands after missing OT, we headed to the pumpkin patch on our way home. I'd been up since 230am, unable to sleep with the number of things going on right now and whilst Jason urged me to get back and into bed, I thought this might be the only opportunity we'd get to do the traditional thing. The downside was the weather: how can it possibly be 93F in late October! We were melting. What beautifully photogenic objects pumpkins make! After an examination of a few of the pumpkins, Reuben eventually settled in and was happy to have straw sticking out of his jeans and in his shoes. Thanks to Kristina for taking the touching shots of Reu and I that I've included on the FlickR slideshow along with the rather amusing "Mama's pumpkins" and the wonderful "Farmer Reu" shots above. There's also Reu signing "pumpkin". "Pumpkin" is under "The Seasons" collection on Flickr. Hope you enjoy.


Eva Nichole said...

Adorable pictures and I am glad you got out a bit, but now get back into bed!! LOL!
Crystal and Eva

hannah m said...

I adore the photo of Reuben with the straw in his back pocket - the sweetest little farmer ever! These photos are magnificent, Catherine. Pumpkins make me so happy, and I'm going to teach Viv the sign for them today!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

You're so funny. Love the pictures. Reuben continues to amaze me with how big he is getting. See you this weekend.

Kristina said...

I TOLD YOU it was a cleavage shot!!!

ellen charge said...

lol i am so ahead of you catherine i was on ur flicker yesterday and i sighted these great pics

Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

What great pics. Reu is looking so grown up in his jeans! I can't believe you had enough energy to go to the pumpkin patch! Glad you were able to have that moment though.

Kristi said...

Reuben looks like a BIG BOY... where did the baby go?!
Love the straw in his pocket... love the pouty face shot and the big grin (he looks so much like both of you... just depends on his expression!), and LOVE the one of him holding onto your leg!
(And YOU LOOK AMAZING... all beautiful round belly - - and pumpkins :-)!!!)