Friday, October 10, 2008

For Lucas

When Angel Lucas took his first long flight
To God in heaven bathed in wondrous light
He looketh down to see his brother Pierce
And mom and dad so sadly bathed in tears

He asked Dear Lord “Why did I have to go
Just as my life was blossoming, all aglow?”
His tiny wings then mustered up the strength
To meet his Guardian Angel, Heaven sent

And God embraced him in his loving arms
All saints and heavenly creatures with their charms
With God he understands what we can not
It all makes sense, no need for Why and What?

A special place in Heaven has been saved
A place where God has gathered those he made
You’re dancing now with Angels, children too,
With patience they have waited long for you

That heavenly place more beautiful than we can say
A place for love and laughter, ecstasy
So Lucas asks you not to grieve for him
For he has done Lord’s work with your dear kin

Upon this Earth he touched and he invited
A plethora of lives across the world united
He playeth now in wonderment with God
Stands by his maker’s comfort, staff and rod

You ached for him to grow to be a man
Yet he fulfilled what God intended, his great plan
A life full of such intense family love
It overwhelms, it breaks my heart to think of

Go rest in peace our dear sweet Lucas boy
Your life has touched so many lives with joy
The peace I found within me when I saw
The love and excitement of your darling boy

With love, Catherine

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MK said...

prefectly beautiful!!