Saturday, October 11, 2008

Vegas baby

Waking up in Vegas

Knees up

" I "

Watching ducks

Making friends

Reach out and touch

Signing "Duck"

Looking guilty: Things that happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas

Click here for Vegas baby by the waterfront slideshow

We found some solace in the venue by the lake, the weather balmy, breezy, beautiful light reflecting on Reuben's face, upon arrival in Vegas for the wedding of David and Kate after sitting in the pews that morning for Lucas' funeral online. Was delighted then to hear that the Weindorfs too had taken off to Gilbert, N Arkansas, a place where they could breathe and grieve.

Reuben had a wonderful time, please take a moment to look at the Flickr slideshow above in which there's also a most charming little video clip of him Dancing by the Water as he watches the ducks so intently. I think he would have been happy to have spent all day there, watching the ducks, dancing to The Beatles, signing away to himself, had he not had to meet a lot of new people. They were very lovely, incredibly precious moments with him.


MK said...

lookin good reu, you handsome man you!! we updated the trip montage on the blog since we got home yesterday... ... glad to hear you all had a nice get away as well. glad you got to attend Lucas's service, still hope to meet you all someday, loves, hugs, tears and kisses!

ellen charge said...

the pics are jsut superbg jsut as usual breath taking i just love him soooooooo much

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Wow. Reuben is such a big boy! I know it has only been a short while since we last saw you, but I feel like I could hardly recognize him with all the standing and dancing he's doing!
Thinking of you guys...
the Nelsons

Mary said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful!

hannah m said...

What a love bug!

Geraldine said...

What special and beautiful moments these are. Wonderful, poignant pictures. Reuben looks so handsome and happy and confident. Great to see him around his new home, exploring and enjoying. Also great to watch him dance, how his coordination has developed is incredible. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them.