Friday, October 3, 2008

My son, my best friend

I didn't really think about it before, it's crept up on me so imperceptibly, but you are the person I most admire in this world, the person who gives me the most joy and love, the person I give the most joy and love. You are quite simply, my best friend. You astound me. I don't know where you got your brains from but Daddy and I are cannot take credit. You have daddy's calm and humour, you have my...

I had to sleep this afternoon during PT, was so tired and I missed your first steps at 17 months between Daddy and Carrie the OT. They looked at each other in disbelief. Did that really happen?

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hannah m said...

What lovely sentiments, Catherine. Reuben is so blessed to call you mom.

I often call Vivian my PIC (partner in crime) because she is just the best little buddy in all of life's simplest adventures: from grocery shopping to vacuuming to eating dinner.

And OH MY GOODNESS! Walking?!?!!! Reu, this is so exciting. Like, pop open a bottle of champagne exciting! Which I will do in your family's honor the next time I get the opportunity! Beautiful news.