Friday, October 24, 2008

Pregnancy week 36

"Bump in shadow" by Jason

"Crescent moon", Self portrait

Self portrait of bump

"Heart hands", by Jason

"The Red Planet", self portrait

"Come quickly", I shouted through to Jason.

A most serene light was filtering through the open doors of the bedroom and onto the limestone-coloured wall, a rectangle patch of light forming above the bath. I knew before long, the effect would be gone and I knew somehow I had to preserve the moment. It was so beautiful.

"You've got to go", bellowed Jason in return. True, I was supposed to be heading out the door to the hospital for Reu's cardio appointment and I was in the driving seat after being awake since 2am with a head full of things to do before the birth. Yet I explained that I just had to capture this light and that he hadn't taken any pregnant photos of me.

"Can we do it later?" he continued.

A somewhat ironic response as we've only had 8 months to take some shots. Readers, notice the lack of shots of me and Reu. And, with the intensity of contractions building up inside me and the uniqueness of the lighting, I knew this was a one off opportunity to capture what I could see.

I'd taken a few shots myself but needed an extra pair of hands. However, Jason has two least favourite places on this Earth (he says depending on what's the least painful at the time):

(1) behind the lens

(2) in front of the lens

and yet I gave him my Leica, already set (as instructed) to capture the effect and maximise the use of light and he snapped away so haphazardly, that I felt deflated and dreaded the results.

I got in the car with the Leica, always wanting it near me when we go out and this is what I discovered. The first shot, the most amazing, and unedited, is one of the shots Jason achieved. Miraculous!
PS I don't think there are many male readers of this blog, so I think I'm ok. Anyway, it's a funny thing about pregnancy. Your body becomes public property so what the hell.


hannah m said...

Beautiful belly photos, Catherine - that light is simply amazing! Buttercup, we can't wait to meet you and your wonderful big brother Reuben (he is going to be such a wonderful big brother, isn't he?!).

Such a beautiful and exciting time for your family. Thank you for sharing it with us...

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

These are amazing. You have taught Jason well! Can't wait to see you at the shower!

Lisa W. said...

Wow, these are amazing photos. So beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Happy Sunday to you guys...
It's just a miracle that you are carrying this precious life within you the whole nine months and she or he soon to see the world outside your womb...There should be a special holiday for all mothers, other than "Mother's Day"
God Bless you Catherine and family...Wishes for your wonderful fun Baby Shower for "Surprise Baby"


Jenn G.F.

Kristi said...

Gorgeous photos... I cannot even believe that they were "spur of the moment." Truly incredible!

Kristi said...

Oh... and I voted on the baby's gender! I know you know what the baby is... I cannot wait to find out! :-)
I wanted to tell you the reasoning behind my vote - - A friend who has gone through fertility treatment as well told me that statistically, there is a higher conception of boys due to the timing. So, statistically, I have thought that Buttercup is a boy. BUT... then I saw that gorgeous photo from the last ultrasound and had to change my mind! THOSE GORGEOUS, FULL LIPS... oh my goodness! Not to say a boy wouldn't be darling with that beautiful mouth, but let's face it, a girl would know how to appreciate it! Women pay big bucks for lips like that! :-) So... I voted "girl"... but really, you know my true vote is just "healthy."
with love,

MK said...

Not much longer now... ... also glad to hear Reu's check ups went so well. We recieved your wonderful gift Friday and words can't express enough thanks to you guys; can't figure out how you guys did it. And Thank You so much seems like such small words for such a BIG expression of love, all we can say is we know we are loved, we love in return and will always be connected to you all. Thanks for being there for us and we are always here for you... ...