Thursday, November 6, 2008

The birth of Callum

Welcome to our World

Dr Bo Thordarson, ob/gyn and surgeon for both our boys

First portrait

The anaesthesiologist at my request was playing Abba on his Ipod. I'd asked him to announce when Callum was born as I missed Reu's birth, it seeming to me to be unannounced, or perhaps I was so preoccupied with singing "Dancing Queen" at the time. And with that in mind, Callum emerged into the World as "Does your mother know that you're out?" sprung out of the speakers. Yes, darling, with that beautiful cry, your mother does know that you're out! One of the greatest coincidences.

First glimpse of Callum. An incredible moment caught, your eyes focus on Jason's scrubs and then suddenly, there's Callum peering through

Moments before I was given oxygen and Fentynl for rather bad pain as the epidural started wearing off during stitch up. Not sure how or why but oooowww. Not a good experience

Helping hands through the stitch up

Jason cuts the umbilical chord

Scottish family lips from Catherine's side (the Craigans)

First touch with Mama

First kiss with Mama

Callum brought to me to hold in recovery. The pure joy of watching him latch on for the first time

Dr Daddy

Reuben and Auntie Lisa, meet Callum. Reu's face, full of awe and wonder. The happiest moment of my life

Photos by my dear friend Jennifer Wolf at BabyMamaPhotography whom we were blessed last minute to have with us during the birth, creating a wonderful documentary with a few 100 candid shots. She's also a volunteer at St John's Hospital, so wheeled me out of the hospital this afternoon at discharge. She can now add role of "doula" to her list of accomplishments.

Link to a big Flickr slideshow to follow. Home after 4 days in the hospital, mostly just Callum and me, enjoying some of the best days and moments of my life which I'll recount here. Jason and Lisa stayed at home to look after Reu.

At some point I'll do a comparison of the boys, Jason, Dr Bo and I in the same operating room 18 months ago at Reu's birth. You can hardly tell it's two different births. But up next, the Set, Bonding with Callum, our first day alone in hospital.


Lorna said...

Just beautiful!!!

You look so happy catherine, and i'm so glad that everything went well and Callum is here safe and sound.
I look forward to the rest of the lovely photo's , and love an hugs to the rest of your gorgeous family ~

Much love
Lorna & Katie

ellen charge said...

lovely precious such a healthy pink baby to i hoped and wished for that and its the case

Anonymous said...

We are so thrilled about your fantastic news, and thank you for sharing such a magical glimpse into the wonder that is birth.

All our love, Abi, Nick, Mia, Ruby and Reu's mate Jake xxx

Joanne Jeynes said...

Catherine, he is just devine! I love the pictures they are beautiful!!!!
Enjoy the bonding hun!!!!
Love to Reu x x x x
Joanne and James (MAFI)

Anonymous said...

He is just beautiful. He looks wonderful. The pictures are so precious, as I captured each of my births of both of my boys and it's wonderful to look back on.

Enjoy your bonding time with your new son and your family. Reuben looks likes such a big boy now in those pictures. He is so cute!!

God Bless your family,

Love, Tracy K.

Lori Pullen said...

Welcome to the World Little Callum. He is a big boy and I thought for sure it would be a girl. He is cute and pudgy with the cutest little face. Reuben will be enjoying being the big brother I am sure. Best Wishes and relax for awhile before the fun starts.
Love Auntie Lori

Eva Nichole said...

You are so lucky to have such a wonderful friend to catch such wonderful moments.
He is beautiful, I also love Reuben's face seeing his brother that is just adorable!!
Crystal and Eva

hannah m said...

My heart is so full! I am so, so happy to catch a glimpse of these very special moments for your family. Thank you for sharing them.
Catherine, I LOVE that you had Abba playing...that's my kind of birth!

SallyD said...

Fantastic photos - I feel privileged to have seen them! Enjoy your new son and those special early days together. I hope Reuben enjoys being a big brother. Looking fwd to more photos.

Love Sally x

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

What a beautiful baby boy! Callum is just precious, and I do love the look on Reuben's face as he is looking at his new baby brother. So happy for you Catherine. You're an amazing mama.
Phone is broken but you can reach me at the hospital at 650 497 8000, 0 for operator, and ask to connect to moriah nelsons room. Or email works too =)
Love to you all,

Kristi said...

Callum is absolutely beautiful!
Love the photos... what a wonderful friend Jennifer is... and photographer!

Love the whole concept of the music playing... and ABBA to boot!
So cool! Not loving the idea of you feeling so much pain during the surgery, however. OUCH. So sorry about that.

The last photo is so gorgeous - - it speaks volumes. The look between you and Lisa, the expressions on Reu and Jason's faces - - everything about it is just incredible. Brought tears to my eyes.

So very VERY happy for you all and can't wait for the next update!
Kristi (and the Flock!)

Candi said...

So beautiful... I am so happy for you guys!!! Hope you are recovering well, even in what must be your sleep deprived state. I can't wait to see more photos of your beautiful little one (or should I say big one - Callum is a big boy!)

Polly said...

Amazing photos and clearly some wonderful moments! Hope all is still going well and that you are settling in at home with the family... and that you are enjoying those special early days at home with Callum that you were robbed of with Reuben. Have no doubt that Reu will be a fab big brother.
Lots of love, Polly x

Anonymous said...

congrats such wonderful images & such joy on Reuben's face. Just wonderful, very very happy for you.

love Chell (ivillage)