Friday, November 14, 2008

Brotherly love

Jason was impatient to get Reuben to bed and yet I knew that something incredible was unfolding in front of our eyes as Reuben for the first time reached out to Callum, imitating his gestures as if he thought Callum was teaching him sign, or indeed, perhaps he was taking the lead in signing. Since the first day's encounters when Reuben was struck by Callum with a sense of awe and wonderment, he's approached him with a cool air of indifference, baby doll indeed had somehow sprung to life, but adults continue to be far more amusing. And so this encounter, Reuben fresh from his bath, Callum celebrating his first week of life even before he should have been born, was beyond magical, enchanting, bewitching, my little boys finally closing the bridge like soon to be best pals at a new school, from furtive glances in each other's direction to the giant leap of touch.


Eva Nichole said...

Adorable!! I can see the love and wonderment in Reuben's eyes.
Crystal and Eva

Jennifer said...

So sweet! These pictures are incredible. Big brother and little brother... priceless.


Jac said...

Dear Catherine!!!

You got me in tears as I catch up with this past week's posts lady. I don't know if you remember me, but I contacted you (via ivillage) when you were expecting Reu as I was totally amazed by your story then, what with fibroids and a myomectomy etc. You still remain an inspiration to me and I pray fervently that one day, like you, I'll be celebrating babies after fibroids and a myomectomy. You say it so well when you describe how the peaks appear before dreams, yet looking back you see the most beautiful view - I truly aspire to that!

Reuben looks so calm, yet inquisitive and in awe of his brother. You've caught truly valuable shots of some definitive moment. They both look so beautiful and I see the start of a wonderful friendship between them - amazing indeed! Thank you for sharing! I wish all four of you the brightest of blessings in health, hapiness and bonding!

Jacquie xXx

hannah m said...

So lovely, Catherine. Beautiful.

ellen charge said...

great pics

Mary said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your boys.

Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

Beautiful, beautiful boys!

Kristi said...

Oh my goodness... such a treat to look at these photos over and over. So beautiful.
I can't decide which one I like best! Love them all for so many different reasons. You sure can see their resemblance in that side-by-side shot.
Callum is just gorgeous... the sleeping shots... incredible.

Laura said...

these pics are amazing! they are so cute!
Reuben loos the doting bit bro
Cousin Laura