Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy 18 months Reuben

What a milestone today. Reuben turned 18 months. Congratulations our darling little boy who continues to give such overwhelming love and makes our lives truly joyous to have him. You funny, sweet, mischievous boy with chunky legs. How we love you so.


Kristi said...

Happy 18 months to a very sweet, BIG boy!
We love you, Reuben, and can't wait to get together and play! :-)
Gracie and Preston
(and their parents!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine:
This is Ellen from AR! I find myself reading your blog everyday -just to check in on Reuben and your pregnancy. You have such a talent and gift for writing and expressing your feelings. I love all your photos - what an artist. Good luck on Thursday with your delivery - can't wait to hear. Rest, rest, rest my dear.
Ellen (The Weindorf's friend)

hannah m said...

Oh, my, 18 months! Reuben, you are such a delight to watch grow and learn and blossom.
We can't wait to meet you. A play date at the Huntington Library with Moriah and the Swann kids is definitely in order!

ellen charge said...

yeay reu xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Eva Nichole said...

Happy 18 months Reuben!! What a wonderful milestone. I think about every time Eva has anther birthday, I can not believe she is going to be 4 in April, what a gift. We were told she would not be with us after she was born and here she is happy and healthy.
Way to go Reuben you keep proving everyone wrong.
Crystal and Eva