Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fantastic baby shower

Getting ready to go out... (that's a novelty!)

and party!

Jennifer, photographer, hostess, mama to Jaxon and mama to be, and absolute backbone of a friend to me this year

From left, Heidi (UK friend and photographer), Linzy (Reu's respite carer), Vanessa (UK dear friend from Brintons), Sally (UK and happens to be a speech therapist), Auntie Lisa (Buttercup's godmother), Cassandra (Dylan's mum), me, Kristina (Reu's nurse), Gwen (Reu's LA school teacher), Michelle (Reu's former school teacher), Carrie (Reu's PT), Sonal (Reu's play therapist), Julianna (Reu's OT)... bit of a theme going on here don't you think with my friends! Jennifer (behind the lens), Jennifer's mum and Kristina's mum

Softest toy ever from Carrie

Fellow mama to be, Jennifer, took these 2 shots in her home. Love the leaf shadows

The irony of this shot is that a neighbour of Jennifer's had just popped in for a few minutes whereupon my Leica was thrust upon her and with all of us in the know about what we wanted to create, to capture the hands and sun as it set on the Ocean visible from the hill on which Jennifer lives, the neighbour was charged with snapping away. Auntie Lisa (top left), Kristina, Jennifer and Cassandra's hands. Great shot!

Just the one (which went right to my head)

It was like a wedding day, so full of joy and excitement. Can't thank Jennifer and Kristina enough for arranging it all, the invites Jennifer designed, the wonderful cake, food and favours and so many lovely friends to share it with. I brought along the pink Kurt Geiger shoes Jason bought me 20 years ago to wear to the do, but hadn't factored in that my feet have grown just a tad in pregnancy. Wonderful! I feel so happy right now.

After 6 years in the USA, the warmth of days like this makes me finally feel at home.


Kristi said...

So VERY glad that you had a wonderful time! :-)

hannah m said...

Beautiful, wonderful and delightful celebration! These are such exciting days...

ellen charge said...


ellen charge said...

i also wanna say kristina is like a god send hope she reads my comment so great to have a nurse who u can call ur friend and family i am happy to tell u i had quite a few and they r on facebook one particula lady used to come look after me when i was at home when mum and dad went out and somehow the num nurse unit manager found out cantremeber exactly how she found out think was soemthing like beck had said i cant cover that shift i gotta go do ellens tpn her fams away well mum got told off but that nurse kept on doing it only one mum could trust really and now shes cf consultant nurse and a great one at that well i predict kristina will go further than that i hope and wish her to b there for many years love ya lots

Eva Nichole said...

Wonderful pictures and sounds like a wonderful day.
Crystal and Eva