Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jennifer capturing Reuben & me at 9 mths

How lucky am I to have not only an amazing friend who's been my backbone through pregnancy, hosts my baby shower at her home, is a mama and mama-to-be and by the way is an absolutely amazing photographer as well. We have just had the most feminine and fun time this morning at home with Auntie Lisa and Kristina on hand to help with props, and 800 shots later, I just had to post these. If Reuben were to grow wings he couldn't look any more angelic. Finally, I feel at peace and excited, feminine and with a pregnancy bloom. How can I thank my dear friend enough for everything she's done for our family this year. Can't wait til we get all these shots up on Flickr.

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Jennifer said...

You look amazing! Photo shoot was so much fun today. xoxo

hannah m said...

Stunning! What beautiful moments have been captured,and what beautiful moments are to come...

Thinking of you all. xoxo

ellen charge said...

ah and its only tomoz or is it fri my time well jsut love that pic

Laura said...

Hello Catherine,
all your photos are amazing,Reuben is gorgeous!
I just wanted to wish you goodluck for tomorrow and say congratulations!

Laura (rose83 from ivill MdM07)

x x

SallyD said...

I hope you don't mind me leaving you a message. I love all your photos Catherine and I love reading your blog to keep up with how the adorable Reuben is doing. What a very special little boy he is. Thinking of you and your family tomorrow, may it be a magical day for you all.

from Sally x (zurcherin from iv.FI and now iv.MDAp09)

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,

Just wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow. I'm sure everyting will go great. Beautiful photos of you and Reuben. Love him so much and I don't even know him. Can't wait to hear the news on Thursday.

Love, Tracy K.

Anonymous said...

what beautiful photos. i'll be thinking of you tomorrow.
much love from us all
sara, julianne & rachel xx

Jacob's mum said...

Oh Catherine, you look amazing and beautiful. Reuben is gorgeous. He is going to make a super Big Brother. Will be thinking of you all tomorrow and looking forward to hearing a very special announcement.
Love from Alexis, Neil, Jacob (SuperCHARGEd) and our little Reuben in the UK (we are calling him Rhubarb)

Anonymous said...


Forgot to wish you a Happy 40th Birthday!!!! Can't forget about the Mama now.

Love, Tracy K.

abiroman said...

Catherine, we are all thinking of you tomorrow and wish you lots of love and luck.
Abi, Nick, Mia, Ruby and Jake xxx

Lisa W. said...

WOW, amazing shots... you are such a beautiful pregnant woman!

Anonymous said...

From Sharon:
Hi Catherine,

I just wanted to write to say the very best of luck and love for tomorrow. I can't believe the day has sped around like this. You must be feeling so excited and nervous today, as tomorrow you will be a mummy to 2 little babas! I'm sorry I haven't written to you personally lately but as I'm always making sure you're ok on Reuben's blog I feel you are still just down the office from me!

Reuben looks such a gorgeous little boy and you must be so proud of everything he's achieved over the last 18 months, he is just incredible. I just don't know where he gets his determination from!!!

I would be really grateful if you could let me have your address as I've still got your old one. Anyway the best of luck with everything, stay as rested as you can and more than anything enjoy this wonderful experience. Can't wait to hear the news on Reuben's blog, I think I voted girl but am rarely right.

Sending you all lots of love over the Ocean.

Take care, love Sharon, Paul, William & James

PS I have another bun in the oven due March xxxxx

Eva Nichole said...

Beautiful pictures and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers today as you bring anther beautiful child into this world.

Crystal and Eva

Amélie said...

Stunning pictures Catherine capturing pregnancy and motherhood beautifully.

Any news today ????
Thinking of you all xx

Cassandra said...

OMG! You and Reu look amazing! You are a beautiful woman and Jennifer really captured your wonderful "pregnancy glow". Can't wait to meet the new addition to your family.


ellen charge said...

just looked at the slide show on flicker and i love it i love how reus got his arms round you and the one where hes looking at ur tmmy i can jsut see him saying whats that there mummy