Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Birth details

Scheduled c-section at 4:30pm (LA time) after a 2:30pm admission on Thursday 6 November 2008 at St John's Hospital, Santa Monica. The birth takes about 20 minutes and I'll be in recovery whilst our baby's in the nursery for a couple of hours before going to my room, God willing, with our baby beside me. I'm due for discharge on the Monday. Reuben has been getting baby doll to sign "More" and signs "Gentle, sssshhh, baby sleeping" for me before rubbing my belly. It's immensely touching. He's getting prepared and no doubt picking up on the anticipation. And then it all begins...
Saint John's Hospital, 1328 22nd St, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Tel: 310 829 5511
My cellphone +1310 430 3701
Watch this space for the announcement. We'd love to hear from family and friends. Just check the time difference first, thanks!
If you'd like to be sent a printed birth announcement and I don't have your address, please email me or post it here. Just one of the nesting things I've been working on.

In lieu of gifts, we would be delighted for donations to be made to Children's Hospital Los Angeles.


ellen charge said...

wow ill b thinking of you on that day and awaiting news on the blog

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes with delivery of your new baby and looking forward to seeing pictures of Reuben and Buttercup

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,

I wanted to give you my e.mail address for the birth announcemnt. bkmets1fan@yahoo.com ... this is Tracy K. I did want to send something for the baby and Reuben ... where can I send it? Thanks and Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
Love, Tracy K.