Monday, November 24, 2008

Birth announcement

Smile, by Mama


Sara, Jules and Rach said...

Oooh! That's lovely!
have my cards made it across the pond yet?

hannah m said...

Gorgeous photo (oooh, that smile!) and beautiful announcement. Hope you're all well...

ellen charge said...

such a sweet pic

Mary said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving.

Eva Nichole said...

I love the picture, very sweet.
Crystal and Eva

Jennifer said...

LOVE it!


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

This puts a smile on my face everytime I look at him. Thank you for the phone call yesterday...or was it the day before? It's all a blur =)
Unfortunately, we won't be back in time to see you all at the Huntington Library. I think we're looking at staying here until mid December or so...
Thinking of you all. Much love!

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you...

...the greatest smile in town and all around...

for few-days old new baby...

WELCOME to the WORLD BABY Callum...

You are so Blessed...

From Jenn

Anonymous said...

To Catherine Jason & Reuben

Congratulations on the safe arrival of babe Calum. HAd a look at his pics on the blog & he is just lovely.

Kisses to Calum & Big Brother Reuben from all their Scottish Family

Catherine said...

Hi Catherine - hope you're settling in back at home well and that young callum is doing well!! just wanted to say how beautiful he is - been on to look at the piccies this morning and it really took me back - he's a similar size to James was at birth and looks so gorgeous with his little chubby legs and cheeks. so happy for you all just now - it's amazing we've both had boys 18months apart! I remember our calum coming into the hospital to see james and not being in the slightest bit interested in his new brother, just fascinated with all the gadgets around in the hospital room!
happy happy days for the four of you!! we'd love to send a donation to the children's hospital to mark Callum's arrival - how should we best do that from over here?
lots of love and good wishes, maggie xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine

Big congrates to you all and hope you are recovering well from the surgery ok. The pain relief running out sounds awful.
However all the pain and struggles you’ve had over the past few years have now paid off as you now have a complete family so it has all been worth it.
Saw pix on the blog which look good. Shame about the distance we would all love to see you all. Our girls also send their best wishes.

Love Nicki and Pete.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine & Jason

I am glad it all went well. Enjoy your boys. It's fun with two.

Much love

Janelle, Andy, Hugo & Oli xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, Jason and Reuben,

What wonderful news, a gorgeous new son and brother. Callum Andreas Lucas is a great name to match his big bro's! Congratulations to you all you must be over the moon your family is now complete. Now Catherine, you take it easy and rest when you can (easier said than done I know). Can't wait to see some pictures of your new addition.

Lots & lots of love

Sharon, Paul, William & James

Anonymous said...


Great news!

Millions, of congratulations!

We are so, so happy for you guys, you must be thrilled.

I hope you are feeling OK and recover quickly. Are you going to post any pictures?

Loads of love to you all!

Kirsty, Arek, Alexander and Sophia xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Doddy, Catherine, Reuben and Callum,

Just wanted to send our massive congratulations on the safe arrival of Callum Andreas. We are so happy for you all.

I have to be honest, I have spent the last 2 days constantly thinking of you and checking the blog every 5 minutes. In the end, I couldn't stand it any longer and got Wilky to ring Johnny Heynen who had just got back from China and told us the great news!

Two beautiful sons.... you must both be very proud.

Catherine, hope you're feeling well - you must be feeling all sorts of emotions right now, as well as exhaustion!

Doddy, you must be very proud of your beautiful, amazing wife.

Anyway, here's sending all our love, kisses and cuddles to you all.

Claire, Wilky, James, Evie and Alice xxxxx

ps. could you let us know how we go about sending a donation to the hospital - when you've got time. x

Anonymous said...

Catherine, Jason and Reuben, Well what a surprise I got today when after many months I looked at your blog (I try not to look at computers other than the bare minimum due to my headache problems and the need to keep looking at computers to just work activities, but I do seem to miss out on news!!!) and I seem to have missed your whole second pregnancy and the birth of Callum in November. It was a wonderful surprise to read that after everything that you have all gone through over the last couple of years and before trying for Reuben that at last you are such a happy family unit. You all deserve this happiness and I wish you and your family all the very best. Callum looks gorgeous and I just love the way it looks like Reuben has really embraced having a new brother. I think that it will be great for him to have a brother to play with and certainly be there with him in life whilst he keeps defying all the odds as he has already done so often and so well.

Once again congratulations and have a wonderful family Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jason, Catherine, Reuben & Callum,
Sorry not to have been in touch for so long. Welcome Callum - many congratulations to the whole family.
We hope you're all well

Best wishes,

Dave & Maryanne xxx