Thursday, November 27, 2008

Something simple

In the months after Reuben was born I would religiously avoid sweet little baby boutiques filled with breastfeeding mums and even something simple like a trip to the local store would fill me with so many Whys? as I passed mum after happy smiling mum with their babies in tow. I remember the days when I would wheel Reuben's empty pram around my bedroom, asking when I could take Reuben for a walk, was it really that much to ask?

For that reason, Tuesday was pretty momentous. For the first time, I took my 10lber to the local market, Whole Foods, within the cosy realms of the Baby Bjorn. Hey I found too that I could feed him whilst in the Baby Bjorn and at a push, even rest the bottle on my chin so I was totally hands free! I could have stayed there all day soaking up the oohs and ahs of passersby, Kristina wheeling Reuben around in the car cart, Reuben at the wheel. I want to pretend I've been doing this all my life, want to contain my excitement and pass it off with the air of this is how it was first time round too. I want the ooohing and ahhing mums to see Reu too.

Callum is an exceptionally easy baby, I can't believe how easy it all is really. Despite the 2-3 hourly feeds, I'm far less tired than I was when pregnant. Perhaps carrying an additional 24lbs, the amount of weight I lost in the first week and ironically being Reuben's weight makes the difference. When I carry Reuben now it astounds me that his weight is the extra I was carrying, albeit spread out from bump to swollen ankles.

Callum guzzles a 3oz bottle of formula with the same passion I drain a glass of champagne. I marvel at the symbiosis of his suck-swallow-breathe reflex, the ease with which he accomplishes it, so natural to him and yet such a beautiful achievement.

He lets out a little sweet cry like a kitten's call to its mama letting me know he's hungry and once fed, he falls into a delicious slumber of contentment. And if it's not the breast or bottle he wants, I take my snuggletons close to me, he hears my heartbeat and off he goes to slumberland. He moulds his little body to mine. I feel the movements of his body on mine and they echo what I felt in-utero, the squirms so familiar to me and leaving me feeling, Ah, that's what he was doing all along, Ah, it was an elbow or a swish of his shoulder blade! He smells of lavendar. His skin is so wondrously soft, just as I remember Reuben's at birth and his hair so fine and silky I could comb it for hours.

Reuben sounds the horn on his car cart. "Make way for me and my little brother!"


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

I can relate Catherine. Where are the tubes, pumps, etc? =)
I am sooo happy for you. It is truly a joy watching you enjoy Reuben and Callum. They're absolutely beautiful and always putting a smile on our faces...
Lots of love,

hannah m said...

I love this post. I love hearing that your family is so happy and full complete. The trip to Whole Foods so beautifully illustrates that, somehow, perfectly.

ellen charge said...

such a perfect post love the pics