Thursday, November 27, 2008

A few of my favourite things

"Boris, Callum & Bibi" from Sarah & family and Carrie
"Petit Bateau" outfit from Steph, Simon, Alex & Lucia

Lilies from my mum and dad

"Hush Baby Sleeping" & friends from Sarah, Stuart & Alfie

"Newborn" outfit from Charb, Terana & Rosie

"Hickory" outfit from Erica, David, Ella Rose & Hadley

A bountiful of cards which I'm going to frame, from friends & family all over the World

All those who have so kindly donated to Children's Hospital Los Angeles (details to follow)

Some of the beautiful things Callum has received for his arrival which I wanted to show off in the best way I know. Many more pics to follow...Thank you so very much. And to all those who sent Reuben clothes and toys in the past...they're now getting a new lease of life with Callum!


ellen charge said...

ahhhhhhhh pefect right now im breating and imagining ur scents xxxxxxxxxx

Laura (Rose83) said...

Lovely photos Catherine.
Congratulations on becoming a mummy of 2!!

Laura (Rose83,ivill mcm07)

p.s-i noticed a few days ago on a photo you have posted under 'the birth of Callum' there is a photo of him being held up as soon as he arrived and there is a clock in the background,i think the clock says 12 but Callum was born at 5.12.Would have been great if the clock was correct! :)