Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thank you...

It's so lovely opening the beautiful cards, flowers and gifts which Callum is getting in the post and thank you so much for your kindness. I'm putting the finishing touches to the announcement cards and will be sending those out soon. I also wanted to send a huge thank you to the supporters of Children's Hospital Los Angeles as gifts to Callum. Of course we can never thank the hospital enough for what they've done for Reuben, but any contributions will help build their new wing for the next generation of little miracles.

Love Catherine & Jason, Reuben & Callum x

PS If you know I don't have your home address, please send me an email and I'll pop an announcement card in the post for you. Janelle, I know you don't have an address in Cambodia, but rather, you have directions and that acts as the address, so pls let me know where to send your card to!

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Anonymous said...

My e.mail address is I still would love to send something to Callum and Reuben, and I am planning to make a donation to the Hospital you requested as well. Love all those beautiful pictures ... too bad you didn't live closer I'd have you take them of my boys too.

Love, Tracy K.