Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Callum goes to Hollywood

So delighted were we to celebrate Dr Victoria Camarini's 50th birthday party at her friends house nestled high up in the Hollywood Hills and whilst Reuben lay happily asleep at home with the nurses, Callum came along in his sling.

The drive took us along miles of hairpin bends to a vertigenous house hung on a precipice with a steaming infinity pool and spectacular views over the Los Angeles basin below.

And who should we meet there but Moriah's grandparents and yes, Steve does look considerably younger than Jason as he first remarked when he introduced Victoria Nelson, Moriah's mama, to Reuben last April. Such a wonderful time was had by all and deep in our discussion and thoughts were the Nelson family and baby Moriah about to enter her third month of hospitalisation at Stanford, so far away from home in LA.

Dr Victoria kindly reminded Jason about their first meeting when Reuben was first hospitalised at Children's LA in May 2007. Having been bumped from surgery, Victoria returned to work with an assault of comparisons from Jason about the between private care in the US and the National Health Service in the UK, the fact that we were paying for the privilege of being bumped. Ironic to look back on. Being bumped meant another family were having their child take your space in an emergency.

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