Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wrapped in swaddling clothes

Self portraits of swaddling

Am loving my new baby carrier, a gift from my sisters and brothers for Christmas. Thank you!!!It's the wonderful solution to weeks of colic which the little man has been suffering from. I even enjoyed a couple of hours out, just the two of us, and nestled into a comfy sofa in a coffee shop catching up on reading and feeding Callum whilst he lay swaddled in the carrier. I can jump in the car still wearing the carrier, jump out the other end and easily slip him into place. The fabric is so beautiful and soft, falling in undulating drapes in front of me, cocooning Callum. I can even nurse with him in there. Do you think he loves it as much as me? And Callum even went to his first Hollywood Hills party in the sling.. story to follow.
Happy New Year my family and friends!!!


jennifer.jaxonsmom@gmail.com said...

Simply gorgeous.

hannah m said...

Precious, perfect and sweet - they remind me so very much of some photos of Vivian and me in her early, early days...off to go look for those now.

Eva Nichole said...

Very lovely!
Crystal and Eva

Sara, Julianne & Rachel said...

Looks lovely!
Have you thought about cranial osteopathy for Callum? Worked wonders for Rachel.
Much love

Kristi said...

How did I not know about the collic? So sorry... that's rough.

Geraldine said...

Hey, this looks great. Glad I chose blue - it was always your favourite colour. Callum looks so content wrapped up in there!

Hope you had a good NY. It's snowing here and all is white and wonderful at Cubby Cottage!

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

So secured and content in your arms...

The whole picture of you and Callum reminds me of baby Jesus in Mother Mary's arms... So beautiful picture...


N. Jenn