Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Head, shoulders, knees & toes

I didn't realise Reuben was signing Teddy's toes and then when I say "teddy's toes" he mishears and signs, "sleep clothes" (pajamas) instead. It's amazing what you miss and then see when you replay a video clip. I don't know what the big head shakes are all about, but boy, can he move his head fast!!! Reuben's signing's coming on well with about 110 signs now including colours. I'm keen to pick up the momentum again after some slower months on my part and work on what I call "signing and combining" - little sentences and "signing and refining" - refining his signs. And then at some point, I really need to learn ASL, the grammar and syntax etc, not just the vocab (I was mightily impressed with Kristi's signing at the party. For Christmas party photos, see below). Reuben's wearing the great I'm a big brother tshirt made for him by Candi, mother to Luke, another friend in CHARGE.


Kristi said...

He clearly hears you very well! And, he seems to be appropriately role-playing with the two bears in that clip, too! Hugging them together?
Head, shoulders, knees, toes... teddy's toes, my toes... does he know "My" or "Me" yet, because he sure seems to?! :-)
WOW! That made my sleepless night! :-)

SmartBabySignLanguage said...

He's amazing! And so are you. How do you plan to learn the ASL syntax?

Kristina said...

Too precious!

Genius, Reu!

hannah m said...

Oh, Reuben, we just adore you! You are amazing and you inspire us!

I have a feeling Vivian is going to COMPLETELY smitten with you when you finally meet. When she wakes up from her (unusually late afternoon) nap, I'm going to show her your video; I have no doubt she'll be smiling the whole time!

Eva Nichole said...

Great job Reuben!!
Crystal and Eva

Lisa W. said...

Reuben, you are the cutest little signer! He looks so cute with his BAHA on, I remember when K wore the softband for a few years before her BAHA implant, what memories. The BAHA is so good for her. I hope Reuben gets as much success with it as K has.