Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One month old

Jaxon, Jennifer's son. Jaxon and Dylan are Reu's best friends. He learns much from both of them. Glorious shot by Jennifer

All photos by Jennifer at

We celebrated Callum's first month birthday on the beach in Santa Monica working on a photo shoot for Cassandra (my long term friend from the NICU and mum to Dylan, the 29 week miracle). Cassandra has just launched her Momma Wear line of inspiring tshirts embossed with Swarovski crystals for the fashionista mama and Jennifer did the shoot (all 700 shots!!!). They make wonderful Christmas presents! I've just spoken to Dad and said, if only I could zoom back 14 months ago and share these happy shots with Cassandra. We wouldn't have believed our eyes seeing them!
See the FlickR slideshow to follow of our fun and frolics at sundown. What a lovely experience!

I'm wearing my Brit Momma tshirt which Cassandra gave me for my baby shower.


hannah m said...

Beautiful photos of you, Callum and your lovely friends. I can't believe Callum's already a month old!
Viv blows kisses to Sweet Reuben and Callum.

Eva Nichole said...

Those are beautiful photos and I love the shirts!!
Crystal and Eva

TiaChica said...

These are gorgeous pictures! Congratulations for his first birthday month.