Sunday, December 7, 2008

Update on dad

Sunday: Dad wants to thank everyone for their kind messages, thoughts and prayers. It's meant a great deal to mum and dad and to me. He's at home now and is on the slow but sure road of a step by step recovery with his brand new knee. I think he was regretting the early healthy appetite though. The drugs were making him think he was hungry and yearn for mum's sandwiches, but as we know, you've got to take it so easy after surgery and go through the motions. Wish they were here to see our new boy and our boys together, all 11lbs of Callum, Reuben's big little brother.

* * *

Dad's surgery must have gone well as when I spoke to him just a few hours after, he was already munching away on mum's ham sandwiches. I guess his missed the NPO and broth stages!

To Mary - Dad will need both knees replaced so I hope when he's up and about, he can give you some reassurance that it's the best thing, as daunting a surgery as it is.

* * *

Dad's going in for surgery on Wednesday 3rd December. Please extend your thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Dad will have a brand new knee to try out on the golf course once it's done and much better mobility in the long run.

With thanks Catherine


Eva Nichole said...

I will add him to my thoughts and prayers.
Crystal and Eva

hannah m said...


ypersico said...

uneventful and successful surgery and recovery to your darling father - all our love and prayers to him <3

Mary said...

I will be thinking of him. Please keep me posted. Dr. tells me both my knees need replaced. Cortisone helps but I have lots of pain.

Kristi said...

Thinking of your Dad... It's already early tomorrow (the 4th)there, so I am hoping that my thoughts are finding a well-recovered Dad with a fancy, new golf-ready-after-some-therapy knee! :-)