Thursday, April 2, 2009

23 and 5 (month by month)

Sweet Reuben you:
Smell so sweet, it's intoxicatting
Hug me so tight, I am overwhelmed with a warm feeling that floods through me, shouting "love"
Can sign the whole beautiful alphabet and sign words beginning with the initial letter presented
Crawl around on the alphabet mat stopping at the letters I say to you and signing them back
Express yourself through about 220 ASL signs
Have a week consisting of 2 mornings of UCLA Early Intervention school, 3 sessions of Physical Therapy, 1 session of Speech Therapy, 2 sessions of Occupational Therapy, 1 session of LA School Hard of Hearing, and throughout the month, visiting any of your 13 Drs on rotation, at least an hour of signing with Mama every day, feeding therapy at home 3x a day with Kristina
Are really enjoying school and have a sweet group of kind, bright and gentle friends there, each with individual challenges and who call your name when you walk in
Put your hands on my throat when you want me to speak so you can feel my vocal chords move and during this, you will silently babble the words I’m saying
Are a little Mozart at heart on your red piano
Happily accept your hearing aid
Love to throw your glasses on the floor and watch Mama’s reaction, but know how to put them back on correctly
Adjust your hearing aid band when it falls down, lifting it off your face
Like to fill your Radio Flyer wagon with Turtle (from Gran & Grandad Dodd), Doggie (from Anne-Marie) and Froggie (from Ken)
Love to bang doors and open and close kitchen cupboards
Walk 12 independent steps
Enjoy walking on your knees
Forget yourself, let of furniture and stand to sign words needing 2 hands
Enjoy sitting in the “W” position much to the “Fix your legs” pleas from all
Have migrated to a bigger bath
Sleep from 8 til 8 and are always delighted to be put to bed unless we have guests, in which case, the Pulsox will go off every 5 minutes as you stand up and disrupt the sensor. The said routine goes on and on…
and have one afternoon nap at about 4pm, almost always on Mama’s lap
Have 3 feeds during the day of 100ml Nutren Junior formula and 700ml of formula at night by pump
Blue eyed boy Callum you:
Smile and the whole room lights up
Laugh and it’s the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard
Have dark lashes and bushy brows which gorgeously frame your bright blue eyes
Have skin that smells of mozzarella from milk that’s been spit up
Love to splash in the bath
Are teething and can’t keep your fists out of your mouth
Devour a pot of peas, carrots, squash, guaza, apple sauce or green beans and become frustrated by my need to refill the spoon from the pot, wanting the instantaneous deliver that the bottle brings
Audibly laugh at funny faces and actions by Mama
Are trying to nap on the playmate but keep startling at Reuben’s piano playing
Say “Who is that cutie in the mirror?"
Sooth yourself to smooth with a croaky uuuuuuuugggghhh sound, flutter your eyes, roll them up and are off to na na land
Smile or babble to make social contact and gain attention
Enjoy holding the bottle with both hands
Make vowel consonant combination sounds, ma, da, ah-goo
Have just found your feet and toes
Lift you head when raised to a sitting position
Can roll over (reluctantly!) from back to front
When seated or propped up to sit, balance your head steadily and hold it erect
On stomach, raise your chest supported by hands
Reach for objects and mama’s clothes and hair
Have a soft mane of thin but growing fair hair
Squeal in delight, especially when tickled
Turn in the direction of a voice, particularly mama’s
Make a wet razzy sound
Have excellent vocal chords!
Can stand holding onto something
Are trying to stand up
Have been entered into your first sweetest baby competition by nursie Kristina and rank 28th out of 309
Are an avid fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm watching it with Daddy when you need a little calming
Sleep about 10 hours at night, occasionally waking for a 4am feed, but more often, waking at 6, having a bottle and then going back to sleep til 8am (wonderful)
Want a bottle every 3-4 hours during the day
Weigh 18.3lbs


Eva Nichole said...

So sweet as always and I love all the new pictures. The socks on the line are adorable!! You are so lucky to live in California where its sunny and warm right now, we are on spring break and its still wet and cold, we even had a snow storm this week.
Crystal and Eva

Sara said...

Such fab pics! Only a month til our babies are two - eeeeek!

Request for playlist:

"Wires" by Athlete (if you can bear to listen to it). Only discivered it recently, but it makes me sob.

Mary said...

So beautiful! I can feel the love.
Thank you for sharing. It's 12.36 a.m. in WV and I am going to bed thinking of your boys. Take care, Mary

Geraldine said...

Lovely photos and lovely words!

Geraldine said...

My favourite is socks on the line too!

I showed them to the designers and they think you have an excellent eye, with great attention to detail.

The colours are fab.

Amélie said...

great description of two gorg boys...glad eveyones so well and sign is coming on wow 220 ASL, I need to have words with Amélie to get her skates on!!

Kristi said...

Just beautiful...