Friday, February 20, 2009

Alphabet mat

The boys are in the playroom. I'm feeding Callum whilst Reuben crawls around on the alphabet mat, the letters on which are no longer in ABC order. I'm looking at Reuben because somehow I know something marvellous is going to happen. I watch as he stops at X on the mat which he recognises from the Alphabet Song flashcards. He looks up at me to make sure I'm looking, taps the X and signs "Xray". He shuffles over to V and signs "Vacuum". He looks up at me and signs the words Apple through to Zebra.


Kristi said...

Gracie has started doing that with the magnet letters... she'll orient them correctly and then sign the word "Letter" and then sign the actual letter... BUT only when she thinks I'm not watching! UGH!

Have you tried the powerpoint slideshow with Reuben yet? I bet he'd love to click the mouse and see each picture, letter and sign come up! Just wondering?! :-)

The Claytons said...

That is so awesome how he is recognizing the letter and knows the letter goes with the words that he signs. Such an inspiration for my son that is older then Reuben. I cannot wait for Christopher to take off like Reuben already has. I said it before and I will say it a million times again such an inspiration!!

hannah m said...

Reuben, you're a star. A bright and shining star, sweet boy!

Eva Nichole said...

He is such a smart and bright little boys. Keep it up Reuben!
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...
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