Monday, February 23, 2009

Viral infection

Reuben's had a very sick weekend culminating in a day in the ER yesterday in order to get some fluids into him by IV. Up with him all night Saturday suctioning every 15 minutes. Very tough and Jason spent the day with him in hospital. Keeping him rested and in bed today.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you, after such a challenging week with the eye test results I'm sure this was the last thing you needed.

Your resilience as usual is astounding. Hope your beautiful little Reuben is up and signing again soon.

Much love
Helen(1505) an old FI buddy

(I follow your progress regularly, love the photos of you and your boys)

hannah m said...

Hoping Sweet Reuben is feeling much, much better. So sorry to hear about the rough weekend.

The Claytons said...

Hope Reuben bounces back and feels better real soon.

The Clayton Family

amy and mighty max said...

thinking of you my friends...sorry about the rough weekend. isn't it amazing how quickly our kiddos can get really, really sick???

love and comfort coming your way...